Physical therapy is used to improve a patient's physical functions through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, physical intervention, rehabilitation and patient education to improve or restore a patients quality of life. In addition to clinical practice, other activities encompassed in the physical therapy profession include research, education, consultation and administration.

Physiotherapy treats conditions such as chronic or acute pain, soft tissue injuries, cartilage damage, arthritis, gait disorders and physical impairments typically of musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological and endocrinologist origins.

We are a boutique and small clinic with your best interests at heart, living in the community for the community. Services offered at Rooted Shala Physiotherapy include and are not limited to....

  1. Manual therapy
  2. Fascia Therapy
  3. Mobilizations
  4. Muscle energy release,
  5. Active and passive lengthening of muscles
  6. Acupressure/Trigger point therapy
  7. Exercise therapy (focused exercise plan to work on your health goals based on assessment)
  8. Electro therapy (TENS, Ultrasound, neuromuscular electrical stimulation etc.)
  9. Yoga therapy and energy work
  10. Expert advise
  11. Rehabilitation (Cardiopulmonary/ Neurological/ Musculoskeletal/ Multisystem/ Paediatrics)
  12. Vestibular (Vertigo) Assessment and Treatment

Charlotte takes a biological, social and psychological approach to your health needs with expertise in neurological rehabilitation.

We are a registered clinic currently accepting ICBC and Work Safe BC claims. We also accept private extended health insurance and offer direct billing.

Treatment Room at Rooted Shala

Treatments Available

Treatment Cost

  • In-person 60 min.
    Physiotherapy Initial Assessment $89
  • In-person 40 min.
    Physiotherapy Subsequent Treatment $85
  • Online Telehealth 60 min.
    Physiotherapy Initial Assessment $79
  • In-person 60 min.
    Extended Physiotherapy Subsequent Treatment $100
  • In-person 60 min.
    Manual Therapy (deep tissue massage, accupressure, trigger point therapy, fascia release, mobilisations etc) $100

All appointments are currently pay by card only at Rooted Shala. We accept credit and debit.

Contact and Directions 236-972-9898 facebook

4621 Carlson Road
Nelson, BC V1L 6X3 (Please follow Google maps to arrive, it is correct!, other navigations systems like apple maps, may not be correct) we are located on Carlson Road in Blewett. If you go down Carlson road with the firehall on your right, cotninue till you reach what looks like a 4 way, turn right to follow the sign for 'Carlson Road East' follow the road and it will turn to a gravel road - continue to follow the road and we are just down there on the right hand side - there is a sign 'Rooted Shala Physiotherapy' and the 'Blewett seed and book exchange' at the bottom if the driveway.


Charlotte is originally from Bristol in the UK where she studied Physiotherapy at University of The West of England. In 2014 she came to Canada with her partner Mike. Since being in Canada, Charlotte has worked in private practice and for the last few years has been working in public health. She has moved around BC with Mike and has finally settled in Blewett, near Nelson - She is extremely excited to be servicing this rural community and surrounding areas.

Charlotte is fully licensed under the College of Physical Therapists of BC (CPTBC). Her company, Rooted Shala Physiotherapy, has a permit to operate from her beautiful log home in keeping with the Health Professions Act and CPTBC college bylaws. She has a treatment room for one-on-one Physiotherapy appointments and an exercise room available to run exercise and yoga classes.

Charlotte is continuously learning and developing professionally - she has taken post graduate Vestibular rehabilitation courses and Neurological rehabilitation courses. She is also a fully trained and registered yoga teacher with over a 1000 teaching hours and over a 1000 education hours in Yoga, bringing her to the GOLD level designation with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Charlotte goes above and beyond in all aspects of patient care; her only goal and focus is ensuring that any of her patients are at the center of their care. With extra long initial assessments (60 minutes) and long follow-up appointments (40 minutes) she can ensure the best quality Physiotherapy care for any Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-respiratory and multi-system condition, putting the patient at the center of their treatment and health goals.

If you have private insurance or extended health benefits let Charlotte take the hassle out of those claims for you. Direct billing is available to many insurance companies to ensure the process will be nice and easy for you.

Charlotte can not wait to see you in the clinic or on the mat!


We are a boutique, rural and community based physiotherapy clinic. The treatment room is equipped with everything needed to perform patient centered and evidence based Physical Therapy. We are a registered clinic currently accepting ICBC and Work Safe BC claims. We also accept private extended health insurance and offer direct billing.

We have a large exercise room, washrooms and offer free parking on site.